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I was born in Asheville, NC and moved to a tiny town in Indiana when I was 9. After finishing high school, I attended Purdue University where I majored in Computer Graphics Technology and minored in Art and Design. When I graduated in May of 2009, My well rounded education gave me the tools to start freelancing as a generalist for The Academy of Arts and Science Education of Indiana as well as do some free work for a small firm called Digimedia that was based out of Washington DC. As I continued to work and improve my skills, I spent a period of six months working on my first major game art portfolio. It was during that time I fell in love working with the Unreal Development Kit. I built up a game art portfolio and in October of 2010 I was hired as a contract Environment Artist by Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Bend Studio on Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSVita 2012). My contract ended in October of 2011 and I continued to live in Bend as I briefly worked remotely with Digital Armada  on Cypher Kids Club (iOS, 2012). In May of 2012, I moved to the Greater Boston Area to work as a contract 3D Artist at WB Games-Turbine specializing in Environmental Assets on Infinite Crisis (PC, Beta 2014), Dungeons and Dragons Online (PC, 2013), Lord of The Rings Online (PC, 2013) and a cancelled title. While working at WB Games-Turbine, I also had the opportunity to work with Human Head Studios for two months as a weapons artist for Defiance (PC/360/PS3, 2013), a third person shooter MMO primarily developed by Trion Worlds. My contract ended in July of 2013 and I have spent my time since then working slowly to build my brand as a freelance artist. I have worked with a wide variety of clients in and out of the gaming space. My non gaming clients include Arch Virtual, Hangman DigitalDuality Creatives, and Hero4Hire Creative. I’ve contributed to a number of gaming projects in many ways. I’ve worked with outsourcing studios like Motion Logic Studios and Ironbelly Studios on projects of theirs. I often work directly with studios as well. Some of the smaller studios I’ve worked with include M2M Studios, TwoBitCircus, Koda Labs, and Zero Transform on Unreal 4 or Unity projects. I also had the pleasure to work directly with Boss Key Productions on Lawbreakers, where I modeled a small number of environmental props. 

Over the course of 2016, I expanded even further. With the ever increasing interest in VR Technology, I worked a short contract on-site in New York City for Psyop where I was a hybrid Environment and Technical Artist on an Unreal Engine based YouTube 360 project. That experience propelled me to work a three month contract on-site at VaynerMedia in New York City, where I was the Technical Director specializing in the Unreal Engine on a similar project for one of VaynerMedia’s clients. I am currently working on-site at Bluepoint Games in Austin Texas as a Contract Senior Environment Artist.

Outside of my freelance business, I’m an Adjunct Professor of Game Art and Design at Drexel University. I also write professionally and for pleasure. I am the Features Editor and often a writer for the GameTextures.com Blog. I maintain a semi-professional blog where I write mostly about my journey as a professional artist, although games sports do make an appearance from time to time.

Shipped Titles:

  • Infinite Crisis (PC Beta 2014)
  • Defiance (PC/360/PS3 2013)
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online (PC 2013)
  • Lord of The Rings Online (PC 2013)
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSVita 2012)
  • Cypher Kids Club (iOS 2012)
  • Supple Magazine (iOS TBD)

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