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I am a highly skilled Self Employed 3D Artist who specialized in video game asset and world creation as well as using video game tool-kits to create non-game related works. I primarily work on a contract basis either remotely or on-site helping teams meet deadlines or ship their games depending on the stage of the production process. Most notably, have worked with Sony Interactive Entertainment, WB Games, Bluepoint Games, Human Head Studios, and Boss Key Productions.

I also work outside of games where my knowledge of real time rendering and the Unreal Engine specifically has been invaluable to helping create an easy to follow production process for teams who are not used to game engines. I have worked on two VR/360 video projects with Psyop and Vayner Media in this capacity.

In addition, I currently am an Adjunct Professor of Game Art and Production at Drexel University and the features editor at the GameTextures.com blog page. I also maintain what I consider a ‘semi-professional’ blog at Journey of A Games Artist where I often write quarterly reports on my freelancing business and other articles that are usually somewhat professionally relevant. However, I will occasionally write either a personal piece about my internal struggles as an artist…or about the New York Giants.

Shipped Titles:

  • Shadow of The Colossus (PS4 2018)
  • Lawbreakers (PC and PS4 2017)
  • Infinite Crisis (PC 2015)
  • Defiance (PC/360/PS3 2013)
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online (PC 2013)
  • Lord of The Rings Online (PC 2013)
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSVita 2012)
  • Cypher Kids Club (iOS 2012)
  • Supple Magazine (iOS TBD)

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